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   Our Christian Life and Ministry.   Complete program   -   9 Mb

Updating instructions: To update on a existing program, simply install the new version in the same directory of the old version, nothing of your precedent work will be lost. During the update the School's program must be closed.
If at end of installation there are not the names of your students anymore, your files are NOT lost but you have not installed in the correct directory, you look for the directory that contains your school and you repeat the installation.
If the school program is installed in the ' Program Files ' directory, move it to c:\ otherwise update doesn't work.
With the new 2016 school remember to activate the assistants to the brothers in the first left column: 'As.'
A new installation program sets the meeting to Thursday, change it if necessary: Click on the " Handling Annual Schedule " button, double click on the column " Date ", confirm the change with " All following ".

Pay attention to install the program in synchronized folders with dropbox, google drive etc. When the files are saved in the 'cloud' they are temporarily blocked, and the program 'Life and Ministry ' may generate an error to be unable to access these files locked. For this reason it is recommended that you pause the synchronization when using the program.

To avoid to see transparent ribbons-bars: right click on the desktop, 'Properties', 'Settings', 'Colors': Maximum (32 bit).

Download: Sch600.exe - 4 Mb

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Last page updating: 07/11/2019

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